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Ethylene Urea,

2- imidazolidinone

Molecular formula :: C3H6N20
Molecular weight :: 86.0932

CAS NO :: 120-93-4

CAS NO :: 2-Imidazolidone, 2- Imidazolidinone, ETHYLENEUREA, Ethylene urea, Monoethyleneurea, N,N'-Ethyleneurea, 2- Oxoimidazolidine, imidazolidin-2-one, 1,3- Ethyleneurea, 2- Oxomidazolidine


Application ::

Industrial Dimethylol Ethylene Urea
  • This product is mainly used in various kinds of formaldehyde removing reagent eg. For resinous product, high effect formaldehyde removing detergent, long-term formaldehyde dissolution intermediate, formaldehyde removing for, leather, rubber, textile coating, and photocatolyst etc, In addition, it can be used in textile anti – crease finish, anti tearing finish.
  • As a raw material, it can be used in pharmaceutics industrial such as azlocillin sodium, anti-schistosomiasis, pesticide etc..
  • In pharmaceutical industry, it can be used as many kinds of antibiotics intermediate such as Mezlocillin, Azlocillin. It also can be used as intermediate of medicine for snail fever and basic material for 3G penicillin.

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